Sun City Grand Surprise Arizona winterize your drip system! As we can now see & feel the winter has arrived and nothing like the winters like many are used to from all other parts of the country and world but it does get cold enough over nights to freeze up your drip system and cost a substantial amount to repair. The solution is a simple one. On the side of your home you will find a pressure valve riser with a copper bell on top (see pictures to identify) riser I am referring too. You can take a old bath towel, pillow case or sheet, cover and duct tape at the bottom and leave there until April. The other thing is at your local hardware store they have a cover you can buy with velcro to keep secure to pipes. The second thing you need to do is remove all hoses from hose bibs on back of house as if back flow preventer not working properly there will be water in the copper pipe going into home and you can have quite a mess as if that pipe breaks it can let the water get into home and cause so much damage. Very simple and cheap fixes to prevent major problems and expense.Covered Drip RiserUncovered drip Riser