So it is freezing outside this morning and has been for the last 2 mornings as it has been under 32 degrees in Sun City Grand Surprise AZ and Phoenix West Valley. Your plants, fruit trees and bushes are susceptible to freezing and turning black. Now keep in mind this can be ok if you are wanting to have your bushes cut all the way down as they are too thick and overgrown. Ficus trees are very vulnerable to the cold as are roses and boganvia. It can be very difficult to cover the ficus as they are so large for the most part. A couple of tips when covering. 1. Use old bed sheets or any light material. The hardware stores do have material for covering if you don't have sheets. 2. always secure with rocks on corners or I also use small clamps also available at hardware store. If you don't secure down don't waste your time covering as with the first little gust of wind covers will be off plant and on ground.

Also see last blog post for winterizing tips on outdoor pipes.

Sun City Grand covered plants